TX Electrical Insulation Material Plant

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TX Electrical Insulation Material Plant
We trade in electric insulating material in China, and we can provide you the following product,
DMD(polyester film/ non-woven fabric composite)
NMN(polyester film/ Nomex paper flexible composite)
NHN(Polyimide film/ Nomex paper flexible composite)
Polyester film(PET)
Polyimide Film
Polyester Film / Insulating Paper Laminate Composite
Insulation Fiberglass Binding Tape
E-glass Fiber sleeving
Glass Fabric Varnished Cloth
nsulating Pressboard/ Kraft Paper(Power Cable/ Telephone Paper)
Diamond Dotted Insulation Paper(DDP)
Epoxy Glass Laminate Sheet
Insultion Varnish

We welcome you to join us in a mutually beneficial and constructive business partnership.
If any items interest you, please send email to yaaninsulation03@hotmail.com and we will immediately send our best offer.

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SHANGHAI, Shanghai, Shanghai, China


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